Exceptions to American Exceptionalism

Humanity has made several leaps and bounds in development & progress over time. But nothing has been as significant as the leap humanity has made that began with the Gilded age of America (1870 to 1897). The first experimental flight flew in 1903. In less than a century, humanity landed itself on the moon. Additionally,Continue reading “Exceptions to American Exceptionalism”

The Ouroboros of Efficiency & Disorder

Manifestations of an idea that border on the extreme of opposing sides can sometimes look alike; much like the Ouroboros. Things look like a circle, like a loop is being closed between the two extremes as if the gap never existed. In simpler words, what goes around, comes around. At the risk of sounding terriblyContinue reading “The Ouroboros of Efficiency & Disorder”

Greatness & Wisdom

Eleanor Roosevelt, the former first lady of the USA has an interesting quote that has acted as a guardrail for what I like to involve myself in. She is quoted to have said “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people”. The original quote was a salvo fired against gossiping. ItContinue reading “Greatness & Wisdom”