Liberty, Free Markets & Fiat Legislation

When left to its own devices, the free market system acts in a way that benefits the consumers. At its core, the free market enterprise is a democracy where there is no god-given right bestowed upon anyone. If there is a product consumers prefer, people involved in its production & distribution win. The first principleContinue reading “Liberty, Free Markets & Fiat Legislation”

On the Zomato IPO – 2

Continuing from the previous essay on Zomato, this is another opinion of mine that remains controversial. If not controversial, it is iconoclastic to a fairly radical degree. As a business student, we were told about how a few companies will eventually close the gap of losses and eventually make profits down the lane. The wordContinue reading “On the Zomato IPO – 2”

On the Zomato IPO

The general opinion on Indian businesses has swayed towards the positive side of things ever since Zomato went for a public listing. Reporting on the topic has maintained that the prospect of a start-up business going public on a stock exchange is a big deal. I cannot get myself to agree that the endgame ofContinue reading “On the Zomato IPO”