Greatness & Wisdom

Eleanor Roosevelt, the former first lady of the USA has an interesting quote that has acted as a guardrail for what I like to involve myself in. She is quoted to have said “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people”. The original quote was a salvo fired against gossiping. ItContinue reading “Greatness & Wisdom”

On the Zomato IPO – 2

Continuing from the previous essay on Zomato, this is another opinion of mine that remains controversial. If not controversial, it is iconoclastic to a fairly radical degree. As a business student, we were told about how a few companies will eventually close the gap of losses and eventually make profits down the lane. The wordContinue reading “On the Zomato IPO – 2”

On the Zomato IPO

The general opinion on Indian businesses has swayed towards the positive side of things ever since Zomato went for a public listing. Reporting on the topic has maintained that the prospect of a start-up business going public on a stock exchange is a big deal. I cannot get myself to agree that the endgame ofContinue reading “On the Zomato IPO”

Social Media & Censorship

My opinion on social media is quite skewed. The reader finding this article must have found through some medium. How else do we live in the world of the internet, if we don’t use it to reduce the encumbrances of physical distance? The point of contention here is not that the services of social mediaContinue reading “Social Media & Censorship”

David, Goliath & Don Quixote

The evolution of language has a strong connection to being able to tell stories. Not so surprisingly, these stories often tend to follow a narrative of conflict or struggle. The listeners are in favour of the party overcoming the agony caused by the struggle and we have our protagonist right there. There is the otherContinue reading “David, Goliath & Don Quixote”

Tenets of Nolan

If the title hasn’t given away yet, this is an opinion piece on the newly released movie directed by Christopher Nolan. Titled Tenet, the movie is surely an interesting watch. For those familiar with Nolan’s earlier works, Tenet seems to be a marriage of two excellent ideas of Christopher Nolan’s screen writing. Non-linear screenplay isContinue reading “Tenets of Nolan”

Reminiscences of a Lutherie enthusiast – 1

In retrospect, when talking about music and musical instruments, I’ve come to the sobering conclusion that a society has to be able to afford art. In the court of Louis XVI, the monarch of France in the 18th century, John Adams, who was an ambassador of the then newly formed nation of America, said somethingContinue reading “Reminiscences of a Lutherie enthusiast – 1”